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We’re not going anywhere. Not this fucking band. Or you guys. And you proved that to us. And at the end of the day we’re all chasing the same thing. We all end up in this same room for a reason. We’re a part of something. We’re a part of something that’s bigger than every single one of us. It doesn’t stop when we get off stage. It doesn’t stop when we go home. 

One year later. This is our love letter back to you.

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Disney Villains, by Chernin

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That was so beautiful


That was so beautiful

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They take place in three different time periods, each separated by about 60 years from the next…But they’re all deeply American stories about wealth and the ways in which these men try to hold on to and achieve that wealth.

-Leonardo DiCaprio on his unofficial trilogy.

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Whoever runs the Taco Bell twitter is pretty cool.

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nick meek photographs costa rica covered in flower petals for sony

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